Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Kim Bum, Boys Over Flower's actor transforms into a modern 'Ken' for GQ Korea

satu, dua, tiga!!!
cik adik kim bum ...
congratz to be selected as KEN Barbie!!!
proud of you adik!!!hihi

memang layak sangat adik jadi KEN!!

Berita ni dapat dari sini: sila baca ek...

Kim Bum turned into a ‘dandy’ for men’s lifestyle magazine, ‘GQ Korea‘.

The actor had previously won the ‘Ken award’ at the ‘2010 Barbie & Ken Awards‘ for best representing Korea’s ‘Ken’ with his sparkling skin and small face.

On March 24th, the star revealed his GQ photoshoot, which tried to capture Ken’s fashion sense throughout the years, but with a modern twist. In the revealed shots, Kim Bum is wearing modern ‘dandy’ suits, with his hairstyle rivaling that of James Dean’s.

A representative for ‘GQ Korea’ stated, “Ken has many images that were shown in fashion as well as in movies, so we were inspired by him to reinterpret the popular and well-recognized actor, Kim Bum“.

Kim Bum is currently reviewing synopses for a new role.

Kim Bum, bila nak datang Malaysia?? Akak tunggu adik ya..even adik dalam BOF watak tambahan, akak tetap sokong adik...

go go go boy!!!!! bila nak jadi hero ni? selalu jadi supporting actor je kan?huhu...

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