Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love Happens

omai...encik Two Faces ada..wuwuwuwuwuw...sangat dashing!fantabulous!!jatuh rahang tengok encik Two Faces since movie Dark Night. masa tu tak kenal, sapa mamat ni..tiba-tiba jadi jahat lak..bila dia lead dalam cerita ni, I was like...weeeeeeeeeeee....encik Two Faces jadi hero....dengan Jennifor Aniston lak tue..sure best!ok, kalo tak best pun, ada aku kisah sebab ada encik Two Faces..=)
tapi cerita ni memang best tau..

ni sinopsis dia. pau dari pakcik wikipedia..mekacih pakcik wiki..

Burke Ryan (Aaron Eckhart), is a successful Ph.D. and author of a self-help book that gives advice about dealing with the loss of a loved one. He writes the book after his wife dies in a car accident as a way to deal with the grief. While giving a workshop in Seattle, where his wife was from, he meets Eloise (Jennifer Aniston), a woman who works as a florist. It seems, however, that Burke has not been following his own advice, and in fact has not been dealing with the loss of his wife. In the end, he confesses to an audience that he was driving the car, and not his wife, as he previously maintained. Due to this, he blames himself for her death. Eloise, along with his wife's father, (Martin Sheen), help Burke move past his wife's death. Burke goes to Eloise, telling her that she had spent the last few days getting to know the part of him that was not available and wondered was she interested in getting to know the part of him that was available. At the end of the movie, Burke's father in law (Sheen) breaks the fourth wall in an unusual way—instead of addressing the audience, as he walks away from the camera, he says “good bye” to the audience, goes in the front door of the house and then shuts the door, as the credits roll.

see, macam mana la tak cair nampak encik Two Faces ni..huhu!!tapi macam tak glamer encik Two Faces.mesti susah nak tengok dia berlakon lagi..huhu!!ape pun, maintain dashing ya encik Two Faces..tolong jangan belakon comot comot pas2 jadi alien ke, muka cacat lagi ke..huhu!!tapi kalau comot-comot saya tetap suka...=)..tough gitewww..hehe!!

seteleh di edit!!
hahahaha..baru je cakap tak mau dia belakon comot-comot..tiba-tiba cek balik wiki, next film dia kena jadi askar, as a Marine Staff Sergeant..huhu!!
Battle: Los Angeles
best ke x ek cite ni??


Qaseh dalia adelia said...

macam bes je cite ni hehe

pearl jade said...

qaseh..mmg best.sweet sgt cite die

Dr Love said...

sukenyerrr dia.. papepun jeniffer aniston ada :))

pearl jade said...

dr love..hehe suka sbb muka die exotic=p

jenny pun comel...rmbut die cntik


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