Saturday, May 07, 2011

teacher suhaili: been observed by miss sarah goss from australia

salam and hi to all...yesterday, 6th of may 2011,friday, miss sarah goss had observed me for the second time...wuwuwuwuw....the first observation was done last month i think..and it ran smoothly..alhamdulillah.for the second observation, she just wanted to observe me without commenting a lot compared to the first one.fuh!!!! seriously, i dont prepare much for this observation...many things happened in this week and it blocked me a little bit to perform well!!!waaaaaaaaa....this is not good!!!!btw,she had come to visit the three of us, kak intan and kak nik last tuesday....sarah and us sat down together and we discuss on what we wanna plan to teach...(done individually) i planned to teach steps on how to wash hand.fuh~~~~~~never had done this before during my practical but just try it.....oh yes, 1 Jujur is a mixed ability class since intermediate and low students are in this class...wuuuu~~~i really warn the students to behave and i brainwash them to make their brain clear~~~"teacher doakan awak cerah hati masa teacher ajar...if you cant answer me, siapla..hihi.."and yes, they obey me..muahaahahahaha...good boys and girls....pastue saiko them a little bit..."haaa..good, you can sit properly...macam ni la teacher sayang..."hehe...

erm....actually i was not feeling well yesterday...having a windy stomach...seriously, it's really bad..since thurs night dah sendawa -keluarkan-angin-dalam-perut-tak-berhenti-henti...da nak pengsan da..siap plan tak nak gi sekolah sebab sangat tak larat..but then, i dont wanna postpone my lesson and sayang my MC....miahahaha...biasala orang takut nak guna friday morning try to eat seketul karipap and seketul vadae(camni ke ek eja dia...ala yang made from kacang kuda tue...hihi)...tak sampai sejam...muntah-muntah...waaa.kalah raudhah,my housemate yang da kahwin tue..huhu...tawakal je and enter the class dengan garang...muahaha...sorry dear...teacher sakit perut sangat2...kena garang sikit...

and i start the lesson with showing them a strawberry...ala contoh je..i brought strawberry bag..hihi...yang macam kat bawah nie...

this was for the set induction....kira cam nak attract their attention.and i am asking them,

can they eat this strawberry?
they answered yes...
and i asked another question,
can you eat this strawberry after you touch your desk,door or anything?
surprisingly, they aswer no and some of them said,
kita kena basuh tangan, teacher..
hooooyeaahhh!!!! very good!!!
at least you can show to miss sarah that you are brilliant...hehehehehe..

and you know what, it is such a great feeling if they can answer my question...yes, they are kampung students and a bit slow..oh remember, i spoke english with them and i need to use simple english to them since they cant understand english...yes, need to use gesture and be very active in order to make them understand..fuuuhh!!! 1 Jujur, you make your teacher suhaili become slim at the end of the year..haha...

okies....then, i just ask them and paste pictures of steps on how to wash hands and description of the pcitures....i cropped the picture step by step...the picture below is just to give an idea...nvm,i'll upload pictures of the steps one by one in the next entry....yes, it was difficult to find the pictures...huhu..i'll help you then...

next, for class activity, i mixed up the pictures and ask pupils to arrange it!!they can do it...alhamdulillah.....of course, the pupils were so excited to paste it on the board...budak2 ni memang suka angkat tangan tapi bila suruh jawab, mesti's ok..the important thing is they want to try..

lastly, i gave them task sheet...they have to match the picture with the correct step...haaa masa ni baru la nampak they understand my lesson or not....masa jawab ramai-ramai,wah semua betul...but in written form, ada juga yang salah..huhu...i realize that i dont emphasize on spelling of hands and fingers...sebab ada yang salah match..wuwuwuuu...even though it was a simple word, they are still young and need to be reminded all the time...huhu

next, for the next session, miss sarah goss wanted to read a big book to was a hard activity actually since 1 Jujur is a big number of pupils, 36 pupils...waa ramai tau tue...and on thurs, i remind them to come to school.sebab kadang2 jumaat memang ramai yang tak datang..waaa,semua datang ok on friday...mesti sebab teacher dorang hasut suh datang sekolah..ahaha..

"where is my teddy?"

"this is not my teddy," said eddy.

see...paham ke tak budak2 nie..hehe

reflection time: miss sarah said she can see my students enjoy and understand the lesson..alhamdulillah syukur....seriously, it just a simple teahcing....i told her i cant use song since i need to teach them simple sentence first...this class still cant read..fuh,i'm done with the observation....hope help from miss sarah can help a lot to improve in my teaching...thank you miss sarah...

p/s: miss sarah is a native speaker from australia.the ministry of education has hired her to help english teacher in malaysia. and she is posted to kuala langat district and train about 6 school english level 1 teachers in kuala langat.


The Sharkox said...

wawah... skeaping english in belog...btw, kita kena ada cikgu import macam dia tu baru la budak2 terpaksa kecek english

pearl jade said...

jom main skeaping..hehe..
ala berterabur english ni..
lgpun nk amk mood and challenge myself to write in eng..hihi
btul 2...mmg bgus r wat cmni..
blh train cikgu2 kt msia..
nak x nak kna force ckp english dgn dia..hehe

illiii illina said...

kak su mcm wat reflection untuk teaching practice je...huhuhuh


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